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Computer Lessons

In June 2013 KKO started to give computer lessons in Veal Village, 4 km away from Siem Reap. This special offer was new at our school and the first of its kind in Veal. Our Goal is it to teach the students basic knowledge about how to use a computer and the most important office programs. Our teachers are supported by volunteers from all over the world. In Veal Village 50 percent of the residents live in extreme poverty, 60 percent of them have no access to electricity. Most of the youth in the countryside do not know how to use a computer or modern information- and communication technologies, like it is normal for the same age group in more developed countries.



KKO supports more than 250 students daily. All of our English and computer lessons as well as the two areas of vocational training are given for free. So of course we are always happy for somebody to give KKO and the students a leg up. We rely on donations to our project to be able to continue our work. The best way to support KKO, is to sponsor an individual student.

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time line


March: Four students started the motorbike education
November: Motorbike Tours launched
December: Ten students passed the sewing workshop exam
New curriculum for mechanic and sewing workshop


June: Trekking Tour on Phnom Kulen Mountain launched
June: First Computer class started
August: New building for kindergarten
October: Opening of the kindergarten
October: New record: 250 kids learn daily at KKOs school


February: Countryside Mountain Bike Tours launched
July: KKO Mechanic Workshop moves to Siem Reap town
July: Sewing Class moves and get an own house


Second building build (motorbike workshop)
Third building build (classroom)
March: Mechanic training started
July: Angkor Offroad Mountain Bike Tours launched


June: First building build in Veal (office and two classroom)
September: English lessons started
September: Sewing training started


January: Founding of KKO
June: Approval as an NGO

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