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The Angkor Offroad Bicycle Tour

Explore Angkor's beauty on a cycling adventure along hidden paths

Prepare yourself to see the magical Angkor Park from a totally different perspective guided by our knowledgeable Tour Guides. The bicycle-tour not only offers the chance to visit five temples but also allows you to take in breathtaking scenery throughout. Be it riding along the magnificent Angkor moat or cycling through one of the beautyful Cambodian villages, this tour gives you a real insight into daily life here, past and present. Cycle atop the old city wall of Angkor Thom once inhabited by over one million citizens, and through the lush shady forests which lead you to more hidden and undisturbed temples. Here you can truly explore the ruins in peace and tranquility, sometimes not seeing another soul for hours ... To get an idea of what is unique about our off-road Bicycle-Tour, watch the video below.

The tour includes:

  • 40 km route in groups of 4 or less (if desired also more).
  • 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. with plenty of breaks.
  • English, German and Khmer speaking Guides.
  • See typical Cambodian villages, rice fields & remote temples.
  • Mountainbike hire included.
  • Visit the Bayon temple, Ta Nei, Preah Khan, Prasat Chrung, & Ta Keo.
  • We have a lunch break at a typical Cambodian restaurant (app. $ 4-5).
  • Angkor pass required.

Recommended Donation is $ 45 per person. Minimum donation required is $ 35 pp to cover our running costs. For one person only we require a donation of $50 to cover the cost of the tour.
You can pay whatever you like - it will be much appreciated because the more you pay, the more you will be helping KKO!
We make sure that your donation will give you a once in a lifetime experience and an amazing opportunity to see Angkor in all its beauty.

For families we offer special conditions. In case you have a baby with you we will organize a mountainbike with a baby seat without any charges.
All children under 12 just pay half of your donation. Of course we provide them with the fitting bikes and helmets.

Want to see the sunrise or the sunset at Angkor Wat? Or even both?
Now it's available with our angkor off road tour!

The sunrise tour starts at 5AM from our office and finish around 4PM. You will have Breakfast at Angkor Wat.
The sunset tour starts at 8:30AM and finish around 6:30PM. You will visit Angkot Wat and see the sunset there. 
For both options the recommended Donation is $50pp, the minimum Donation is $40pp.

Come and join us on an unforgettable mountain bike experience!



KKO supports more than 250 students daily. All of our English and computer lessons as well as the two areas of vocational training are given for free. So of course we are always happy for somebody to give KKO and the students a leg up. We rely on donations to our project to be able to continue our work. The best way to support KKO, is to sponsor an individual student.

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