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How your donation could help

KKO operates on a non-profit basis but like all NGOs we have ongoing running costs. We also wish to expand, and improve, upon all that we currently offer to the villagers. The school also requires further teaching and training materials to improve the qualitity of education we can offer. In addition the school is constantly receiving requests from other local children who wish to attend KKO. Your donation will go towards securing the future of the children lucky enough to be educated at KKO currently but will also give the school the chance to expand and increase its capacity to help even more children. We encourage sponsors to send us an annual payment.

What does it cost?

To give you an idea of just how helpful your donation could be, below is a list of the costs of educating students at KKO:

English Class
Computer Class
Sewing Training 
Mechanics Training

$5 per child per month
$10 per child per month
$23 per student per month
$42 per student per month

I $60 per year
I $40 per course (4 month)
I $276 for a full training (one year)
I $504 for a full training (one year)


You can support one individual student or trainee. Therefore a donation of just $60 would help one child recive English language classes for an entire year.

KKO are currently providing free, long term training for sewing, motorbike mechanics and English and Computer lessons. The students attending the courses are from families who can not afford private schools. To be able to continue these courses and sustain a high quality, we are dependent on donations from sponsors. By sponsoring this student with $60 funding a year, you will give KKO the opportunity of providing a free tuition at KKO. By sponsoring, you will also be able to follow the educational progress. Having a sponsor makes all the difference, both in daily life and future education.

How to donate


Cambodian donation account

German donation account

The easiest way to donate from abroad is through "Virginmoneygiving". Donate with your Creditcard from anywhere you want, without charges. If you are interested in this kind of support, please click here.

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KKO supports more than 250 students daily. All of our English and computer lessons as well as the two areas of vocational training are given for free. So of course we are always happy for somebody to give KKO and the students a leg up. We rely on donations to our project to be able to continue our work. The best way to support KKO, is to sponsor an individual student.

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