About Us


Our Vision

‘All people in Cambodia gain the power to create opportunities for themselves and others to participate and contribute in all aspects of society.’

Our Mission

‘Providing free and sustainable education and knowledge exchange, funded by our social enterprises.’

We Believe

We believe in education as a key factor and starting point for a prosperous future.

The kids from today are the adults from tomorrow! With the education we teach them now, they can take charge of their own lifes and contribute to society.

We believe that through education people gain the power to build and strengthen the foundation for their future.

We Care

We provide free and sustainable education for children and young adults from underprivileged backgrounds. With most jobs in Siem Reap going to those with good language skills, we are giving our students a high-quality English education, as well as providing free vocational training to set them up for life in the modern world.

We promote and protect the rights of our students and our team.

We Act Locally

The KKO school is situated in the countryside just outside of Siem Reap where we daily host classes for around 300 students from seven surrounding villages. Our sewing vocational training aims at young Cambodians interested in setting up their own tailoring business or start working for our own social enterprise OFF TRACK.

Our Values

FAIRNESS. We offer everybody a choice in life.
  • We have flat hierarchies.
  • We offer free education to everyone who is willing to learn.
  • We work together and help each other. No matter where we come from or which gender we have.
  • We offer good working conditions with a lovely working atmosphere.
TRANSPARENCY. We are open; There is nothing we have to hide.
  • We are internal and external transparent. Everybody can visit our educational projects, the OFF TRACK office and ask for information.
  • We love to speak about what we are doing.
  • We practice open book management.
  • We facilitate an all-staff monthly meeting and inform our team about the latest and greatest news of KKO, about finances and plans for the future.
LOVE & PASSION. Everything we do, we do by heart.
  • We love what we do and always having fun showing others what we are doing.
  • We play games after our general meetings.
  • We like coming to work to meet the team and enjoy the interactions.
EDUCATION. We understand that learning involves the entire community.
  • We offer high quality education and support people in Cambodia.
  • We believe in education as a key factor and starting point for a prosperous future.
  • We teach kids. We teach the adults from tomorrow.
  • We are a role model and love sharing our knowledge.
SUSTAINABILITY. We keep going for the long-term.
  • We do not just think about today.
  • Our OFF TRACK label enables us to be sustainable.
  • We focus on good relationships with our volunteers and partnerships.
  • We respect and protect the nature and care about the use of plastic.
RESPONSIBILITY. We are concerned with the quality of life.
  • We follow through our commitments.
  • We feel responsible for our students, their families and the community.
  • We admit our mistakes.
RESPONSIBILITY. We are concerned with the quality of life.
  • We are politically and religiously neutral.
  • We treat each and every one in a respectful way and do not differentiate between genders, origin or position at KKO.

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between Asia Plaza Super Market and Rose Royal Boutique Hotel

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