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‘All people in Cambodia gain the power to create opportunities for themselves and others to participate and contribute in all aspects of society.’


The NGO Khmer for Khmer Organisation’ was founded in 2009 by Moeun Phary and Markus Tigges. Their idea was to decrease the dependence on donations in order to guarantee the long-term existence of the educational projects.

OFF TRACK Accessories was founded in 2016 with the support of two fashion designers from Berlin, Germany. Since then, all of the label’s profits flow into KKO’s free sewing vocational training for young Cambodians.

Our Products

The main material of our OFF TRACK Accessories products are used tubes and tires of trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. We purchase the material from various local dealers who work with tubes and tires from all over the world. It is not rare that Chinese symbols, Thai messages or Cambodian words can be found on our products. Each OFF TRACK accessory is unique in its details.

We try to buy all our materials at local markets in Cambodia to support the community.

Our products are handmade in the small OFF TRACK Accessories atelier outside the center of Siem Reap, in Chreav Village. We respect the nature and love animals. That´s why all our products are vegan.

Care tip: All our products can be washed with softener. It is recommended to treat the tube with shoe polish after washing so that it has a radiant effect again.

We work with love & passion.

Our Values


We are…

FAIR. We offer everybody a choice in life.
  • We pay fair salaries and offer safe working conditions
  • No child labor, no weekend work & no corruption
  • We offer a fair price for our customers
  • We support diversity
TRANSPARENT. We are open; There is nothing we have to hide.
  • Our door is open for everyone
  • We show where our materials are coming from
  • We have an open accounting
  • In our meetings we speak both, English and Khmer
LOVE & PASSIONATE. Everything we do, we do by heart.
  • We make each product with love. Our products are part of us
  • Our volunteers don´t work for money
  • We are part of the KKO Family
  • We love to laugh and sing during work
RESPONSIBLE. We are concerned with the quality of life.
  • We are responsible for what we do. We take care of the environment and the quality of our products
  • We follow the 10 principles of Fair Trade
  • We don´t look for excuses, we find solutions
  • We take care about our team & each other
SUSTAINABLE. We keep going for the long-term.
  • We produce long-lasting products. Our quality check makes sure it is a long-lasting product
  • We purchase local sources: Employees and materials
  • We love cooperation’s with partners in Cambodia
  • We offer long-term jobs
EDUCATIONAL. We understand that learning involves the entire community.
  • We provide education & create awareness. Our sewing staff is trained by us
  • We support a knowledge & cultural exchange between our volunteers and the Cambodian team
  • We encourage our seamstresses
RESPECTFUL. We treat each and everyone with dignity.
  • We respect the nature, humans & animals. We are vegan
  • We value what we have
  • We do not differentiate between gender, religion or culture.
  • We keep our promises

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Taphul Road, Siem Reap

between Asia Plaza Super Market and Rose Royal Boutique Hotel

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+855 (0) 12 912 843 (OFF TRACK Accessories)

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