OFF TRACK accessories are designed and produced in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We believe in a space where luxury design meets ethical thinking. All of our products are made by graduates who received their sewing training from our partner NGO Khmer for Khmer Organization. We employ impecunious women as seamstresses and offer them training opportunities, long-term employment and a fair salary.


We produce socially and ecologically sustainable products. Sustainability is important for us in two ways. While upcycling used tires and tubes from trucks, bicycles and motorbikes we also focus on high quality raw materials. Each product is handmade and unique. A responsible use of our resources while designing and producing our accessories is taken for granted. Additionally we try to design accessories that are timeless and good quality. They shall be our costumers’ companion for many years.


Our enterprise has improved continuously over the last few years. It is meant to become an important financial source for our partner NGO KKO.  All of our profits are transferred to KKO’s operating budget used for investing in educational and vocational training for underprivileged children and young adults. We espouse a different textile industry, where the focus is on human beings and the environment instead of an exploitative capitalist system. For us, as a young company, this is an enormous responsibility. With a donation you can support our work.

A B O U T . U S

OFF TRACK accessories is a social enterprise founded by Khmer for Khmer Organization. We are empowering Cambodians living in poverty through the production of fair fashion. Our standard is broken into three categories: fairness, transparency and humanity. OFF TRACK produces upcycled accessories in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We have partnered with the world fair trade organization Artisans Association of Cambodia to become part of an ethical garmenting factory in Cambodia.

U P C Y C L I N G .

A T . I T S .

B E S T .

OFF TRACK Accessories transforms recycled inner tubes and tires into handmade, eco-friendly vegan bags and accessories. “Upcyling”means, using waste materials to create new consumer products. The tires and tubes are recovered by small bicycle and motorbike workshops in Siem Reap. We purchase our textiles in Cambodian and Thai markets.


V I S I T .

U S .

I N .

S I E M . R E A P .

F I N D .

U S .

H E R E .

W E .

A R E .

M E M B E R .

O F .