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‘All people in Cambodia gain the power to create opportunities for themselves and others to participate and contribute in all aspects of society.’


The NGO ´Khmer for Khmer Organisation´ was founded in 2009 by Moeun Phary and Markus Tigges. Their idea was to decrease the dependence on donations in order to guarantee the long-term existence of the educational projects. After sufficient research and planning, the OFF TRACK label was created. Under the name KKO Tours, the first guided bicycle tours through the Angkor complex were already taken at the end of 2011. Even at that time, 100% of the profits went into the organisation and thus into the educational projects of KKO. Since 2016 the tour company is known as OFF TRACK Tours. Except for the name and the increasing of our quality, nothing has changed.

OFF TRACK Tours is an ecotourism label in Siem Reap which offers unique outdoor tours through the hidden Cambodia. We provide sustainable and cultural trekking-, motorbike- and bicycle tours through local Cambodia and the historical Angkor Complex. We avoid mass tourism. Our tours feature a unique experience for our customers and are leaded by local tour guides. All tours are offered for individuals as well as for small groups. We offer tours in English and Khmer.

We live our name: OFF the beaten TRACK

Our Mission

‘To experience the real Cambodia and to increase our customers’ awareness of sustainability and responsibility.’

Our Values

We are…

O-pen Minded

We are open-minded. We do not differentiate between the gender, ethnic or social background of people. We treat every customer in the same way. That is to say in the best way. We listen to our customers and take advice or ideas for improvement.


We are a social enterprise. By fair working conditions we understand the considerate and good treatment of our team. We book our tour guides to the same extent and take their needs and wishes into account. We know that they have a physically demanding job, appreciate their efforts and pay them a fair salary.

We have a fair price/ performance ratio and aim to make our tours accessible to everyone. 100% of our profit flows into the educational projects of KKO, which enables us to maintain and sustain them. 


We love what we do and always having fun showing our customers and partners what we are doing. A day without a smile or laugh is a lost day.


We work as a team and treat each other like family. A team works together and the individual members help each other. A family is there for each other, both professionally and privately.


Responsible tourism is more than just a word for us. We respect the environment and all its inhabitants. We are focused on our goals and trying to fulfill the goals of our mother NGO KKO.


We go off the beaten track. We cycle through the jungle and encounter wild animals and remote temples. Isn’t that adventure enough?

We create once in a lifetime memories.

C-ustomer Friendly

The customer rules everything. We do our best to provide every customer the best and unique experience. The needs of our customers are our top priority. Deliver WOW through service. A personal relationship is very important to us, which is why we represent the motto ‘come as a customer and go as a friend’.


Khmer for Khmer is not only the name of our mother organisation KKO.

At OFF TRACK Tours, Cambodians work to give other Cambodians better opportunities for their future. We act locally.

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