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We are OFF TRACK Accessories a social enterprise founded by KKO.

We are a fair fashion label in Siem Reap which empowers young Cambodians
through the production of upcycling fashion.
Our passion is to create and constantly improve fair and unique products. All
accessories are made from up-cycled motor bike and truck tubes. This way we not
only support local suppliers we also offer a fair and safe work environment to the
apprentices of the KKO sewing training.




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We care

OFF TRACK Accessories are designed and produced in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All of our accessories are made by graduates who received their sewing training from our superordinate NGO Khmer for Khmer Organisation. We employ young Cambodians as seamstresses and offer them training opportunities, long-term employment and fair working conditions. We aspire a different textile industry, where the focus is on human individuals and the environment, instead of just making profit.

We’re creative

We produce socially and ecologically sustainable products. Sustainability is important for us in two ways. While upcycling tubes and tires from trucks, motorbikes and bicycles, we also focus on high quality raw material. Each product is unique, vegan and handmade by high-quality standards. A responsible use of our resources while designing and producing the OFF TRACK accessories is a matter of course. Additionally we try to design accessories that are timeless and of a high quality. Made to be our costumer´s companion for many years.

Why support us

Our project has improved continuously over the last few years. It is meant to become an important financial source for KKO. All of our profits are transferred to KKO´s operating budget and it is used there to invest in educational and vocational training for children and young adults from rural areas around Siem Reap.

‘Better education is the first step that enables people to provide themselves with a livelihood and share in the modern labor market.’


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between Asia Plaza Super Market and Rose Royal Boutique Hotel

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