Join us on our unique trekking adventure to the Phnom Kulen and savour a day without tourists and crowded temples. To fully experience the Khmer culture and its history this tour is a must as the Khmer empire was founded on this sacred mountain. Follow your guide on remote parts through the tropical forest, cashew plantations and ancient sandstone quarries. Discover an idyllic Cambodian village, a handful of remote temples, visit a reclining Buddha and swim in the basin of the waterfall.

  • Departure/Return Location: Your Hotel
    Departure Time: 6:00 am
    Return Time: 6:00 pm
    Distance: 12 km (7.5 miles)
    Your Group: Small group, 1-5 people
    Attire: Closed shoes, long pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt are recommended

    Backpack, towel and swimwear for the waterfall

    Price: 1 Person Minimum Donation (by motorbike): $150 pp | (by car) $200 pp

    2+ Person Minimum Donation (by car): $130 pp | Recommended Donation (by car): $160 pp

    Group discount starts at 3 Persons

    Cancellation policy

    For this tour, we have to arrange a lot in advance. Therefore we accept a complete cancellation two days before the tour starts. If you cancel the tour one day before we require you to pay 50%pp of the donation amount to cover the already accrued costs of the tour. You will not be charged in case KKO has to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions or other serious issues.

  • 1st Stop: Breakfast
    Before we start hiking through the Cambodian jungle, we will join local villagers for a typical breakfast: noodle soup and iced coffee. You can either enjoy your meal with or without meat.

    2nd Stop: Preah Kral Pagoda
    Next we will see the majestic Preah Kral pagoda with beautiful views of the Phnom Kulen.

    3rd Stop:  Bat Cave
    Our first stop will be at a sacred cave. Turn on your flashlight and explore a narrow path along mighty stalactites towards a hidden shrine dedicated to ancient Hindu gods. Find out why the hermits living nearby regard the water that drops off the stalactites as holy.

    4th Stop: Sra Banrei (Elephant Pond)
    In the middle of the Cambodian forest, you will have an encounter with an elephant and two tigers. Even though some local people believe that tigers still exist on Phnom Kulen, you don`t have to fear any brutal attacks, because you will only come across a life-size stone elephant statue and smaller statues of tigers.

    5th Stop: Prasat Damrei Krap
    This partially restored temple is located deep in the woods and only accessible by foot. It is one of the biggest temples on Phnom Kulen and its centuries-old walls and carvings are only waiting for you to discover them.

    6th Stop: Poeng Ei Sei
    Trekking further through the jungle and cashew plantations, you will pause at this atmospheric site of enormous boulders. These gigantic stones used to be part of a temple. You tour guide will show you its unique reliefs and sculptures that are well hidden behind moss and roots.

    7th Stop: Lunch
    After a short trek to the ruins of the first state temple of the Khmer empire, you will be served traditional Cambodian food: rice with grilled fish, frog or vegetables. Take a break on top of the ruins and relax before leaving for the last part of our hike.

    8th Stop: Reclining Buddha
    Wat Preah Ang Thom is an active pagoda on top of Phnom Kulen and home to the reclining Buddha carved into the sandstone rock upon which it is built. Take off your shoes, climb the stairs leading to the statue and enjoy the spectacular view over the surrounding forest and countryside.

    9th Stop: River of 1000 Lingas
    Situated on the southwest slopes of the Kulen Hills and the northeast of Angkor complex, Kbal Spean (also known as’The River of a Thousand Lingas’) is an archaeological site of Angkor period attracting many visitors every year.

    10th Stop: Waterfall
    Considered to be the highlight of the tour by many of our customers, your tour guide will lead you to a waterfall close to the pagoda before heading back towards Siem Reap city. Put on your swimming clothes and take a dip in the pool of the waterfall or take a shower under its cooling cascades.


  • What’s Included

    Not Included

    Local guide ✅ Travel insurance ❌
    Breakfast & Lunch ✅ Water wings ❌
    Snacks & Water ✅
    Phnom Kulen Pass ✅
    Transfer to & from Phnom Kulen ✅
    Pick up & Drop off at your hotel ✅
    Flashlight ✅

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