I always like to learn new things. I learn from my team, my children, my business partners, and my international volunteers. I like to get to know new ways of thinking in order to get some new ideas, change habits, and just improve myself. Also, I like to share what I have learned with my staff, students, and volunteers. That’s what all the KKO staff like to do.

Phary, founder of KKO

We are a learning organisation providing free education and knowledge exchange for children, young adults, and ourselves. While constantly growing, we welcome 300 young pupils to our school every day. Through our free English classes and vocational training, our students are given a chance to take charge of their own lives, build a career, and follow their dreams. To guarantee a high standard, we rely on our trained local teachers who are passionate about what they do.

We believe learning never comes to an end. That’s why we don’t only educate our students but also ourselves. With the help of international volunteers and experts, we hold workshops regularly and exchange ideas with our team every day. This is how we have kept improving ourselves, our way of thinking, and our teaching methods for more than 10 years.


operating costs = 350$ / Month

Help us keep our school and educational projects running and thereby impact the lives of so many Cambodian families. Monthly giving is the best way to support our mission. With a commitment of only 10 USD a month, you enable our 6 teachers to teach 300 students in English and sewing 5 days a week. Our work would not be possible without our generous partners, donors, family members and you. Become a sponsor now!