There are two big industries in Cambodia: garment and tourism. Both are not working in a sustainable way. Besides creating funds for KKO and generate qualified jobs for the community, our social business OFF TRACK tours wants to be a model for a sustainable way of working in one of these industries. 

OFF TRACK tours – travel smarter

OFF TRACK Tours offers unique outdoor tours through the historical and cultural parts of Cambodia. We provide sustainable and cultural trekking, motorbike, and bicycle tours through Siem Reaps countryside and the historical Angkor Park. Under the name KKO Tours, the first guided bicycle tours through the Angkor complex took part at the end of 2011. Even at that time, all profits went into the organisation and thus into the educational projects of KKO. Since 2016 the tour company is known as OFF TRACK Tours. Except for the name and the increasing of our quality, nothing has changed. We try to avoid mass tourism as far as we can. The tours take place in small groups and focus on environmental-friendly individual tourism. Our Cambodian tour guides are well trained and speak English very well.

 Offtrack Tours is a proud member of the sustainability network “Collective for Good” in   Siem Reap. “The CFG is a group of organizations, social enterprises and ethical businesses   in Siem Reap, Cambodia practicing responsible, sustainable tourism. Members provide   visitors an excellent experience while making a positive impact on the local community.”

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