English as a tool for a brighter future

Cambodia, and especially Siem Reap, has become an important travel destination which creates many jobs in the tourist industry. In order to benefit from this and to earn a stable income without having a high school or university degree, learning English is essential and opens up new possibilities for many Cambodians. Unfortunately, the language is not taught on a regular basis in state schools. Students start to learn English from 4th grade (age 9-10) and for only two hours a week. Far less than we think is necessary. Therefore, kids have to attend private English schools to develop good English skills. Private schools are expensive and mostly located in the cities. Many families from rural areas are unable to provide their children with an adequate English education. That’s why KKO made it its mission to close this gap in education and provides good and free English lessons in the rural area.


Our English classes

We teach 22 classes a day and accept students from all ages between 6-18 years. Our 300 pupils come to our school five times a week for one hour a day, either before or after public schooling. In order to ensure high-quality English classes, we teach in small groups of 20 students and developed our own curriculum. This curriculum is perfectly tailored to the needs of young Cambodian English students and has been developed over many years through the growing experience, constant exchange with volunteering experts and educational trainings.

Sarith, Education Manager of KKO

We designed Phonics lessons which all the kids have to take for one year before they move up to the next level. The importance of these phonic lessons is to help the kids to really get the sound of the English alphabet and therefore are able to read and write the words by themselves not by memorization. We encourage our teachers to speak English only in class. We think this is important to create a good atmosphere for learning a language.

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operating costs = 350$ / Month

Help us keep our school and educational projects running and thereby impact the lives of so many Cambodian families. Monthly giving is the best way to support our mission. With a commitment of only 10 USD a month, you enable our 6 teachers to teach 300 students in English and sewing 5 days a week. Our work would not be possible without our generous partners, donors, family members and you.