Khmer for Khmer Organization is a charitable Non-Government-Organization (NGO) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We provide English lessons & Vocational training to over 270 students. We have provided free education to the Khmer people since 2009. 


Many children don’t attend school as their family requires them to work to contribute to the family’s subsistence – besides many families don’t even have the resources to pay for school supplies. We teach English to more than 270 students between the age of four and twenty-five. We offer our classes in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

All of our English lessons are given for free. We rely on donations to our projects to be able to continue our work, pay our teachers, and purchase school supplies. The best way to support KKO, is to sponsor an individual student. We encourage sponsors to send us an annual payment. If you are interested in this kind of support, please click here.


Since September 2010, Cambodian women and men between eighteen and twenty-seven can receive vocational training as tailors. KKO is presntly training 12 students a year in our intensive sewing program. The goal is to ensure they are able to find work in sewing or can estbalish their own business at the end of the program. Therefor we give the sewing students a broad range of knowledge and skills so they will have a competitive advantage in the labour market.

Five of our graduated students work for the label OFF TRACK ACCESSORIES, foundet by KKO. With our label we upcycle used tubes and tires to beautiful and unique products. By buying them you support our goal to change Cambodia into a better place.


“Classical” vocational training according to western understanding is not common in Cambodia; all skills have to be acquired through “learning by doing”. Therefore, KKO is supplying the motor mechanics students with both the theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in the two-year vocational training course. Teams of two work together: one is an advanced mechanic and the other is a beginner student who can learn from the more experienced partner.

All work is supervised by our professional German trainer Dierk, the head teacher, and his assistant teacher Tha, who is our longest trained student at the motor mechanic workshop. We are able to train foru students a year t no cost to the students. The revenue from repair work carried out for costumers helps to cover the costs.


Recognizing the imporance of a solid start in life, KKO operates a Kindergarten program for 75 children daily. The KKO kindergarten is located on the compound of our English school in a village about 4 km outside of Siem Reap. Our students are between three and seven years old and join our classes from seven surrounding villages.

Apart from a lot of singing, drawing and running about on the playground we focus our classes on playfully learning colors, shapes and numbers, as well as practicing the Khmer alphabet. KKO has been operating this program for long enough to be able to measure the great impact it is having.