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‘All people in Cambodia gain the power to create opportunities for themselves and others to participate and contribute in all aspects of society.’


Our School

We taught English classes from the onset of our work in 2009. The KKO school is a meeting place where we provide free and sustainable English classes and knowledge exchange for children and young adults from the countryside around Siem Reap. Thanks to the success of our projects and the support of helpful donors, our school has grown in recent years.

Many children in Cambodia don’t attend public school as their family requires them to work to contribute to the family’s subsistence – besides many families don’t even have the resources to pay for school supplies. The English language level of teachers in public schools doesn´t meet the requirements, so that students do not reach an adequate level of English and thus have little career prospects.

Our Lessons

Since most of our students also attend the Cambodian public school, we offer our classes at different times in the morning and afternoon.

We have 22 classes daily and teach English to more than 300 students between the age of five and twenty-five.

The main focus of the lessons is not only on learning English grammar, but also on practicing correct pronunciation. Furthermore, the children should be introduced to communicating in the English language.

We work with six Cambodian teachers, who are regularly supported by different international volunteers from ConCERT and other volunteering programs.

An improved knowledge of English gives the students a competitive advantage to utilize when pursuing their professional dream for the future.

How to support our school

The goal of KKO is to be able to bear the costs of our educational projects through the OFF TRACK label in the long term. We are on the way to achieving this goal, but still need financial support from outside. That´s why we still rely on donations to our projects to be able to continue our work, pay our staff salaries, and purchase school supplies.

You can help by making a donation today! Please consider making your gift a regular donation, no matter how small. This provides the ongoing and dependable income KKO needs to plan for the long term and ensure the existence of our educational projects

With just $5 a month, we can provide another child with English lessons and new opportunities for a better future.

Our sewing Workshop

The training

Since September 2010, Khmer for Khmer Organisation is offering a 1-year free vocational training course as a tailor for young adults in Siem Reap. The program is aimed at students aged between 16-25+ who live in smaller villages in rural areas near Siem Reap.

The education primarily addresses young women from rural areas, who gain self-confidence and self-determination through the acquisition of an education and their contribution to family income.

The project has been supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation since 2018.

Great job opportunities

The training is based on a curriculum developed by KKO. The focus is on both standard and traditional Cambodian clothing. The trained graduates of the training receive a certificate from KKO and the Department of Labor & Vocational Training in Siem Reap for their successful training as tailors.

By completing KKO’s training, young Cambodians can build a stable foundation of their career prospects.

We also offer them the opportunity of employment with OFF TRACK Accessories, the social enterprise by KKO.

Congratulations to our graduates!

For the 8th year in a row, KKO´s sewing vocational training is a real success since 100% of our students have graduated! Congratulations!

Education and training can change lives! Thank you all for your help!

Our Amazing Girls

KKO supports the AMAZING GIRLS OF THE WORLD, a USA nonprofit organisation dedicated to protecting and educating young girls living in poverty.

The program is addressed at motivated young girls and aims to awaken and grow the power of hope, courage and compassion in all girls through leadership education.

KKO supports the girls in building self-confidence and setting their goals.

To learn more about the Amazing Girls click here.

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