All our kids attend public school. We don’t want to replace the state school, but complement it. We teach what the state school doesn’t: Good English classes for free and necessary life and social skills, such as the importance of hygiene, environmental issues, confidence and respect for all beings.

We are more than just an English school

We noticed, that a lot of kids have bad and unhealthy teeth, don’t wash their hands or dispose trash just anywhere. Many of our students live in poor conditions. Learning about hygiene, environment or self-confidence is often not part of parenting. For this reason, we started to teach necessary life and social skills. We include topics such as the importance of hygiene and environmental issues, in our English classes, and offer additional workshops. We teach them to wash their hands and brush their teeth. We encourage our students to work in groups, speak in front of the class and show respect for all beings.

We care about our students and always keep in touch with their parents. We want to make sure, that all our students come to class very regularly and we support them in their choice of career after graduation.
Teaching English is and remains the focus of our organisation. But over the years, we realized that we are more than that. We are a meeting point, a safe and friendly place. Our school yard comes with swings, benches, soccer field and open space for jumping ropes or other games. Our children love to come to school early, to meet, play, and chat with fellow students. It’s more fun to learn in a friendly atmosphere, right?


operating costs = 350$ / Month

Help us keep our school and educational projects running and thereby impact the lives of so many Cambodian families. Monthly giving is the best way to support our mission. With a commitment of only 10 USD a month, you enable our 6 teachers to teach 300 students in English and sewing 5 days a week. Our work would not be possible without our generous partners, donors, family members and you.