We are the KKO family

We promote flat hierarchies. We talk openly, we have fun, we trust and support each other. We share our ideas, personal problems and our food. Because we think it is more fun to work in a supportive atmosphere than in a competitive one. At KKO we solve problems together. In our monthly meetings we ask for opinions. Because we believe every single idea has to be taken in account to make good decisions. There are no stupid ideas, maybe they don’t fit. Our results may not be better in quantity but much better in quality. That’s what family means for us.


since 2009


Education Manager
since 2010


Accounting Manager
since 2012


English teacher
since 2018


English teacher
since 2013

Srey Leap

Sewing teacher
since 2013

Khmer for Khmer

Our name is our mission: Cambodians learn from other experienced Cambodians in order to transfer their knowledge to other Cambodians. That’s how our whole organisation is working and that’s what the name of our organisation stands for: Khmer for Khmer. We take care, that Cambodians are in charge on all levels of the organisation, from manager to teacher. In addition, we work with skilled international volunteers to support and train us in new teaching methods, marketing, and fundraising concepts, in order to improve, gain new skills, and be independent in the long run.

Before we started KKO, I was working with lots of small organisations in Cambodia due to my job for the German weltwärts program. I noticed that nearly all organisations had a foreign management and Cambodian staff. I wanted to take care that Cambodians are in charge on all levels of the organisation. That’s why we have Cambodians in every part of the KKO management. That’s how the name came up and what KKO stands for – Khmer for Khmer.

Markus, Co-founder of KKO