When we started KKO in 2009, we found that there were several opportunities to learn English, but nearly no free possibility to learn a skilled job. This is why we added the vocational training in sewing to our school portfolio and train up to 8 young women and men as tailors in a one-year sewing program.

In October 2010, we send two young woman to a vocational training as a tailor. Sewing and tailoring is one of Cambodia’s traditional jobs, but the tailoring school is very expensive. Besides, we found out, that there was only practical work, but no curriculum in theory, tests or exams. With this knowledge we started our first group of students in 2011. It took us around 3 years to set up our own sewing curriculum together with our sewing teacher, international volunteers and our management team. It includes theory and practical work, exams and an official certificate at the end of the training.

 At the end of 2022 our last sewing class ended succesfully. Since we do not have enough funding to continue this project, the   class of 2022 was our last sewing class for an indefinite period.