Many of our students and teachers love to play soccer. At the end of November, we took part in a Christmas cup football match organized by a charity called Siem Reap Stormers. Our school participated with two groups of players, ages 10 and 12. The matches were seven per side and each team had to play four games. Our under 10-year-old players played very well, and won the first two matches, but were unlucky in the third game. In the last game they astonished us, they played so well and won the game.
Our under 12-year-old players unfortunately got one draw and one lose in the first two games. Amazingly, after a ten minute-break, they played brilliantly and scored many goals in the last two games against one of the international schools in Siem Reap. In the end our teams took third place in the tournament. Although our teams finished in unsatisfied place, everyone was happy and enjoyed the games.