The KKO’s team would like to share our happiness, joy, and excitement that we had during the Khmer New Year.  We want to share our feelings with our friends, former volunteers, and sponsors. 

When we talk about April, every year, the Cambodian people are reminded about Khmer New Year’s Days that coincides with the lunar month.  For this year, 2023, the celebration was held on the 14th to 16th of April.  It is an exciting time as it is one of the biggest holidays in Cambodia. Many tourist visit the country and Cambodians go to visit families,  and enjoy many events planned by their communities and government.  Schools and businesses also celebrate this holiday. 

KKO’s pre party was on April 11th.  All teachers, staff, volunteers, and students gathered together for some special activities.  Some students created their own teams and preformed dances. Others played traditional games organized by the school. The activities lasted from 7:30am until 10:30am.  Everyone was a bit tired so we enjoyed a lunch that we had brought from home.  KKO provided soda and water for all.  After lunch, the games continued, free style dancing, throwing of water, and loud music.  Finally at 2:00pm the party ended and everyone went home. 

Everyone enjoyed the party, and it was very special for all of us.  We had missed the celebration for three years due to Covid.  After the party, KKO closed from the 12th of April until the 20th.  During the holiday, like other Cambodians, our teachers, staff, and students had time to travel to be with family and friends. 

Again, KKO’s team and students would love to share this noteworthy occasion with you through our pictures.