Covid 19 is a global epidemic that has affected almost every country in the world. Cambodia is also one of the countries affected by this outbreak. The first case of covid 19 in Cambodia was discovered on January to a foreigner, but he recovered, and the economy continued to function normally, until the beginning of March, when a second case of infection was found in a local Cambodian. Since then, schools, entertainment venues, flights to and from many countries have been suspended, and the borders of neighboring countries have been closed. At the time of this writing, there have been a total of 274 cases of covid 19 in Cambodia, and 266 cases have been treated and successfully recovered. 8 cases are still active, and no deaths.

The latest state of the Cambodian Economy during the pandemic

Covid-19 outbreak is having a major impact on Cambodia’s key economic growth drivers, the three most affected sectors—tourism, manufacturing exports, and construction. Siem Reap is one of the provinces most affected by tourism, where most people earn their living directly and indirectly from this sector. International tourist to this province has completely disappeared, and hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants have been suspended or stopped permanently. Many have been unemployed and facing the loss of income for their families. However, the Cambodian government also provides a monthly stipend to the poor families which affected to their living directly by the disease, which can provide some help for their livelihood.

Although Covid 19’s condition is not serious and many flights have been allowed to resume since June, international tourists to Cambodia has been still very quiet. Some entertainment venues, sports, some major international schools have also been allowed to reopen, but must comply with the Ministry of Health’s health safety standards.