The situation with corona virus is not getting better in Siem Reap, as well as all of Cambodia. We are not expecting to be able to open school in the near future. Therefore, we decided to start online classes using zoom. For the first two weeks in June, the teachers were busy making preparations for the classes. They contacted the students and their parents to inform them about the starting of online classes. We asked them to come to school with their phones so that we could set up the program. Many of our students do not have phones, but their parents agreed to allow their children to use phones for learning. We began first with our older students, because they are more familiar with online programs. Our teachers also trained each other on the use of zoom and online lessons.

As a result of the hard work by our teachers, we started with four classes in June with online lessons. Online classes are a new experience for teaching and learning. It demands a strong commitment from teachers as well as students. The teachers have a lot of preparation in order to present the lesson. Sometimes it is a bit annoying due to our unstable internet, but we are managing to get by.

It is sad that the teachers and students cannot work face to face, but they are very excited about the virtual classes. KKO will utilize more classes to make sure that more students will be able to attend online learning. We are also still giving regular worksheets to those students who cannot access the online classes.