We are not far away from the Covid virus that has hit Siem Reap and Cambodia. The normal virus is still spreading and the Delta variant has reached Cambodia. Our community is concerned about this virus transmission. KKO has been taking many health precautions to help control the virus spreading in our community. The school has been closed since the end of March by order of the Ministry of Education. In class teaching is not possible, so KKO has begun to give worksheets to our students. The worksheet allows them to continue their education. In June we started Zoom online classes for our students. Around 100 of our older students are participating in this program.

The school looks very empty now. The sewing training class has been postponed since students are not allowed to attend classes. Staff and teachers are still allowed to come to school due to our small amount of personnel. We are now very busy with online teaching. Teachers teach the students from the office, prepare lesson plans, correct homework, and assign student work. We take care of the teaching materials and equipment daily, and keep the school clean.

The KKO team does not expect the Covid situation to get better soon, so we will concentrate on e-learning. Our teachers are also preparing lessons for those students who cannot access lessons online. Our KKO school is very quiet at the moment, but still full of activities. Education must go on through these trying times.