The 2022 sewing class began in February and has already completed five months. There are 10 students and all are females, who come from different rural areas in Siem Reap. All of them were born in or live with poor families. This has been evaluated by the local authority and provincial governmental hall. Five of them are single, four are widows, and one is married. Some of them dropped out of primary school and some dropped out in secondary school. There is only one of them who completed high school.

There are 32 lessons in total, for this current course, which is to be finished by the end of November 2022. During the course the students are required to take two exams. One is taken after five months and the final one after ten months. All ten students have taken their first exam at the end of June which lasted for five days. They did both a writing test and a practical test. Results were incredible. Half of the students scored more than 90 points out of 100. Three students scored between 80 and 90, and the other two between 70 and 80. All of them are so intelligent. If they scored above 60 points, it meant, to us, that they already had done a great job during the first five months of class. They achieved more than we expected.

At the beginning of July, we also did a photo shoot of all ten students. They were wearing the clothes that they had made themselves. The clothes were beautifully done. They are our KKO super models! They will all be great tailors in the future. There are only five months remaining in their course. They have all promised to put in their best effort for the time remaining.