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Welcome! We are KKO.

We are Khmer for Khmer Organisation, a non-governmental organisation in Siem Reap which aims to provide free and sustainable education to children and young adults from the countryside around Siem Reap.

Who we are

Khmer for Khmer Organisation is a charitable NGO which works in Cambodia to support locals living on the countryside in Siem Reap. Since 2009 our educational program addresses children and young adults by offering free English classes, vocational trainings and job opportunities. This gives them the basis for a brighter and sustainable future.

Our goal is to help Cambodia return into more prosperous times. High quality education, jobs which provide a living wage and communities where people participate in development are essential stepping stones on our way.

To maintain our educational programs, we founded the OFF TRACK label. OFF TRACK Tours is an eco-tourism label which offers special outdoor tours through the hidden Cambodia. With our fair fashion label OFF TRACK Accessories handmade and unique products are produced by graduates who received their sewing training from KKO.

100% of the OFF TRACK profits go back to KKO supporting the educational programs, paying staff salaries and helping to increase our field of activity.

Your support will help ensure KKO can continue giving free educational and vocational trainings to children and young adults around Siem Reap.

Feel the difference with OFF TRACK in Cambodia and make a difference by contributing to our charitable work.

Feel the difference with OFF TRACK in Cambodia and make a difference by contributing to our charitable work.

In 2007 Moeun Phary founded the private school KTC where she´s been providing English classes for around 500 students in Siem Reap since then. Within the years, Phary realized that more and more students were eager to learn at her school but that they couldn´t afford the school fee.

Firstly some and later more and more students asked, if there is an opportunity to join the classes for free. Unfortunately, Phary had no facilities to offer free classes to a high amount of students.

A school where children and young adults don´t have to pay for education! A school that is free for everyone. The idea was to start a school that provides free education and vocational training to students who otherwise wouldn´t had the opportunity to access education.

She saw the injustice and the need to give her students access to free education. At this moment the idea of KKO was born.

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