Our 2022 sewing course started in February, 2022. Ten female trainees were trained for ten months. All the students come from the rural area of Siem Reap and more than half amount of them living more than 40 kilometers away from KKO’s school. Moreover, all of them come from a family who are living under poverty which is identified and approved by the local authorities.  However, the distance and poverty are not the obstacles for our students to reach their goal to be the future tailors. Through the provincial state funding called LEAP project and cooperation with KKO, the ten trainees got $5 daily when they came to the class as well as the free training. This was very helpful and supportive for their training.

The course took ten months and they all successfully graduated at the end of November, 2022. During the ten months period, the trainees had 32 lessons of theories and practices. The 32 lessons focused on the 25 different styles of clothes. Furthermore, they were required to take tests; the midterm test in the middle of the course and final test at the end of the course. The test contained the questions of theoretical lessons and real practices. As the result, all of them got the best achievements from the exam. They did the fabulous job from their hard work of ten month period.

Now 50% of them get a job at the tailoring shop in town; two started their own shop at home and other three are preparing to open the shop themselves soon in the future. From their great efforts, we believe that they are going to be successful tailors and be able to earn more and better income to support their future life. KKO will still support all the students if they need help in term of ideas and skill whenever they need if they difficulties in their businesses.