For me, there are three main reasons to work for KKO. The first reason, I have a chance to transfer my knowledge to the children through education as the young generations are ones who will change the community for the better. The second, I am not only happy to provide English education to the new generations in the community, but I am also glad to have the opportunity to learn from my colleagues, international volunteers, boss, and the surroundings. These are knowledge and intercultural exchange or it can be called ‘staff capacity building’. The most vital reason, I like working for KKO because it is an independent organisation in terms of funding and decision-making, which I can believe in for its quality and sustainability.
I totally agree that the expression ‘KKO Family’ is one of the most important core values and I am proud of being a part of this family. Transparency, accountability, equality, and fairness have already been put in place. Everybody is open, especially Phary and the management team. They are all approachable when I have working difficulties or personal problems. They don’t complain about mistakes, and they advise each other and correct the mistakes. More importantly, they listen to each other’s reasons and do not consider his or hers as correct. The most important relation within our family is everyone respects each other and we treat each other the same, it means no one is the best and no one is the worst, and there is no one is the boss.