Today we would like to tell you more about our teaching methods. To ensure high-quality English classes to our 300 daily students, we teach using our own curriculum. This curriculum is perfectly tailored to the needs of young Cambodian English students and has been developed over many years through the growing experience, constant exchange with volunteering experts and educational trainings.
We accept students from all ages between 6-18 years. Students with previous English knowledge have to do a placement test before they enroll which helps us to put them in the right level. To really get the sound of the English alphabet, we designed phonics lessons, which all kids have to take for one year before they move up to the next level. The importance of these phonic lessons is to help the kids get the sounds of the English alphabet, and therefore be able to read and write the words by themselves, not by memorization. We designed all our teaching supplies and materials, such as quizzes, handouts, worksheets, tests, and exams. All students are required to take unit tests, midterm tests, and final tests. These are the tools to measure students’ assessment and evaluation which helps our teachers to improve their teaching and to decide if they can go faster or slower in the lessons. We encourage our teachers to speak English only in class to create a good atmosphere for learning a language.