We never stop learning. That’s why we organized a teacher workshop again. At the end of August, all our teachers came together to learn more about the teaching method Total Physical Response (TPR). The workshop was conducted by our long-term volunteer and English teaching expert Richard, facilitated by Puth, our lead teacher.
Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of teaching language or vocabulary by using physical movement to react to the verbal input. During the workshop our teachers found that there are three types of learners in the class:

  1. Oral learners: learning by hearing
  2. Visual learners: learning by seeing
  3. And kinesthetic learners: learning by doing

The workshop also showed the relationship of learning styles to ages. Younger students generally learn by doing, but this way of learning decreases when they reach the age of six or seven. At the same time they learn by seeing, but not as much as by doing. The children still like to learn by seeing as they grow older, but they learn by hearing more and more when they grow older. In general there is a big change in learning styles at the age of 10, when kinesthetic learning decreases dramatically as oral learning goes up, and visual learning remains constant.
Our teachers enjoyed the workshop as they learned new things and had fun with activities that Richard and Puth included. It was a fruitful workshop which was really helpful to the teachers in learning how to use and apply the right methods, in the right classes, at the right age of students.
It is not the last workshop for our teachers. There will be another one coming soon. Every teacher at KKO is eager to learn new methods and techniques to help improve their teaching.