Message from our founders

2019 has been another difficult year for us. Tourism in Cambodia continues to decline, which in turn has led to a decline of our business activities, leaving us with a profit close to zero. However, our organization has overcome this huge obstacle. Due to the amazing support and commitment of our staff, our teachers, our international volunteers and our donors. Our special thanks go to our long-term volunteer and sponsor Richard, whose generous financial support made it possible to ensure the salaries of our teachers. Looking at the current situation of tourism in Cambodia, we will most likely make hardly any profits in 2020 either. To ensure our work, we will have to drive forward our fundraising strategy. Our aim for 2020 is to find 260 sponsors who will donate $10 each every month. With this amount we are able to cover all running costs of our organisation and school. We are very confident that, with your help, we will achieve this goal and thus be able to secure the continuation of our work for the future of our students and employees.

Thank you all for your tremendous work,

Moeun Phary and Markus Tigges