The crisis has created opportunities for us as well. Our school was suspended almost completely during the first four months of covid 19 infection in Cambodia. At the same time, because many countries have been affected by the disease, wearing a mask is one way to help people avoid infection, which has greatly increased the demand for masks. KKO also received orders for fabric masks from Germany through Markus, the co-founder of KKO. In order to earn some income during the covid crisis, KKO used the sewing teacher and OTA staff who were temporarily suspended to produce masks that would enable them to earn some income for themselves and the organisation. During April and May, we produced 4,750 ordered masks in total, of which 2100 masks for Henkel company, 2000 for Heidelberg and 650 for individuals.

We are very happy that we could create some work for our staff and take a role to help people by producing face masks to use to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The income we received from the production is one part of donation which is helping KKO to survive during this pandemic crisis.