Our school was totally ordered closed for 4 months to prevent the spread of covid-19. No teaching both sewing and English, but our staff and teachers still met twice a month cleaning the school, checking inventory, and sharing and discussing about the future of the school. Until the beginning of July, we were allowed to fully reopen the sewing training because of the small amount of students and they are adults which are easier to control the virus. Moreover, the sewing training has only 3 more months to finish the one year course. Therefore, it was scheduled to finish at the end of September which is coming very soon.

The English classes have been able to be partly open, but it was a limited time that we can interact education with the students by keeping them involved with learning English. Our teachers have been scheduled to work 3 days a week from the beginning of July 2020. Of course no teaching in class, all the teachers sit together developing worksheets for classes so they can have more resources to use for their classes when the school is allowed to be fully reopened. Moreover, we have been preparing revision tests and getting our students to do them from home and bringing them back to school to be marked.

As covid 19 is currently not so serious in Cambodia, the government has allowed some big private international school to be fully reopened in August and public school in beginning of September. However, those schools are required to follow the standard rules of health safety set by ministry of health. Until recently, the government is offering more chances to private school to apply for reopening. So far, KKO is studying the details of standard rules from the ministry to see if we have the possibility to apply for reopening. We do hope very much that we will be able to be reopened soon.