Congratulations to the five students of vocational training in sewing for successfully completing a one-year training course. Training was from August 2019 to July 2020, after a few months of suspension due to the spread of covid 19, the five students received full training in both theory and practice as well as the creativity of many costume designs. Thirty-nine lessons from the teaching curriculum were taught effectively to our students through our professional and skillful teacher, including a clear curriculum, schedule, and discipline managed by the organisation, despite the spread of covid 19 impacted the school operation. There are many styles of clothes that our students have designed and tailored by themselves own, and those are such as traditional Khmer clothes and many different modern styles that look beautiful and dignified. 

To finish the course, our students were required to take three exams during the year. The first test exam was in December 2019, the second exam was in April 2020, and the last one was the final exam at the end of September 2020. We are really excited about the results of the exams that they have taken and done very well both in theory and practice.  

For their efforts, we will continue to support them with their job searches in the garment industries and related consulting ideas that they might face in the future. Furthermore, they will still be able to ask our teacher about the various issues on their daily work or businesses.