2019-2020 the sewing training course finished and the 2020-2021 course started immediately. The old year course of sewing training was completed successfully, KKO has been continuing to offer a chance for jobless and unskilled people from poor families living in the country of Siem Reap. We have cooperated with state provincial hall of Siem Reap and signed on vocational training agreement for sewing. The agreement authorizes KKO as a training department and the state provincial hall is the funding and trainees provider.

From the result of the agreement, the state provincial hall has sent us ten female adult students with poor background from the country of Siem Reap and we started new sewing training at the beginning of November. Twelve months in duration, five days a week, and eight hours a day was scheduled with careful consideration with a monitored closing plan. After a few weeks of the training, the ten students are satisfied with their learning, teaching by the teacher, and the school management. The first time to hold the sewing machine with hands and feet moving together at the same time, is such an exciting thing to do for them. They all have spent the whole time at school without going home during lunch break. “Having lunch at school is fun time for them.” The students said.

It is a great start for this new group of students which KKO has been working with them, giving a strong effort to create a chance for them during the difficult times of the corona virus.