The End of December and beginning of January were such busy times for KKO teachers and staff. The enrollment and school preparation started before fully reopening the school. When we announced that the school would be reopened in the middle of January, there were many former KKO students who came to enroll again. For a period of two weeks enrollment, we enrolled 49% of our former students. We are expecting to enroll many more students in the coming weeks. The teachers and students are excited to meet and talk to each other, while following the strict rules for proper health.

The teachers have been organizing the school to meet the policies and regulations required by  Ministry of Education and Health in Cambodia. The basic rules are as follows:

  • Safe distancing. 1.5 meters from others
  • Checking temperatures of students, teachers, and staff when they enter the school
  • Placing the posters around the school that help to explain the rules of personal hygiene for students
  • Wearing of masks by everyone
  • Keeping the school clean at all times

The management team has been preparing the proper paper work in order to apply for reopening of the school. These will be submitted to the Department of Education in Siem Reab. All forms must be clear and correct. We are 100% ready for applying these papers for the reopening of the school. We are also ready to welcome our students back to a regular classroom experience.