During the six weeks after the school opened on January 10, the English classes have been very active. There are twenty classes in total, eight classes in the morning and twelve classes in the afternoon. The standard period of time is one hour for each class. In each of the class is placed between 10 to 12 students. There are 240 students are attending English classes at KKO everyday and the students are really excited to get to the real learning classes after the long break because of the covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is following the strict rules of good health practices to prevent the spread of virus. The teachers, staff, and students are having their temperature checked before entering the school, wearing of masks, washing hands often, and keep safe distancing from others.

Because of the long break, the students needs a few weeks of the previous lessons review before jumping on to the new lessons. Although the real learning class was postponed for many months, the students have had no troubles interacting with the classroom activities taught and assigned by the teachers. The teachers and students have been very active and energetic in teaching and learning. At all time, teaching with fun is applied, especially to the small children. Our teachers are often using humorous educational games to include in teaching vocabulary and grammar as we believe that the kids will learn when they have fun.

After the short period of the fully school reopening, there is enough proof that our quality of our teachers’ performance and the learning behavior of the children are 100% back to the normal satisfied habit. Therefore, what we have been worried about is no longer a concern for our teaching.