Our students took their second exam in December, 2021. They have been trained for eight months. The first exam was taken in February after four months of the course. According to the original plan, the second exam was scheduled for July, but it was postponed until December due to the spread of Covid-19 in Cambodia. The training was closed for several months.

We really appreciate our sewing students who are very committed to continuing their training throughout this long wait. As a result , they successfully completed the second exam. A one week exam was a tough time for them, as they had to do both theoretical and practical tests. However, they were able to manage their work and time. Each of them was motivated and carefully focused on their work and used all of what they had learned to acquire the best outcome during the exam.

The KKO school is very excited about the students’ efforts. They achieved great result both in theoretical and practical tests. From the evaluation of the teacher, none of the students have failed to pass the exam. all the students got very good score although the lowest scoring students also got 70% of the total score. The clothes they made were beautiful and attractive, especially the traditional ones. It is a very satisfying achievement after eight months training.

The one year course of their vocational training will end in March 2022. Then they will be required to do a final exam. We strongly believe that they are going to do very well during the rest of the training.