In the last few days, KKO has organized meetings between teachers and parents of the students. The meetings were held for three days. Each group met for one hour. There were between ten and twenty-five parents in attendance at each group. The goal of the meetings was to keep the community informed about:

  • The vision, mission, and activities at KKO
  • The learning progress of the students
  • Personal issues of students’ learning behavior
  • The request for parent support and encouragement in their children’s learning at home.
  • The importance of sending their children to school every day

Mr. Sarith Bin, school manager, led the meetings, accompanied by all the teachers. He informed parents about the vision, mission, and vocational training activities at KKO. He also explained how important it was for students to learn English, and why this language has become the first international language. Moreover, each teacher reported to the parents about each of their children’s learning progress. They discussed some problems that may take place in class.

 What is even greater for us; we could see the reactions of the parents. Each parent was very happy to meet and hear from the KKO staff. They learned about the performance of their children in class. They were also motivated to engage to spend more time with their children’s learning, and support them in completing homework assigned by the teachers. The parents also strongly appreciated the work that KKO is doing in promoting education in English.

From these meetings, we believe that all the students will improve their learning performances through stronger connections between their parents and the teachers.